About Us

About Us

Our team is comprised of tea lovers and friends. We love farming! We enjoy growing herbs, experimenting with tea blends, and picking apart the subtle yet exciting nuances of tea! We hope to share our love of good tea with you.

Our mission

To build community through tea.

Our vision

To grow, source and introduce locally grown herbs and Yaupon Richmond, Virginia and beyond.

Our values
  • Above all, do no harm to the environment or the body.
  • Develop teas and services that support our customers at every stage of their tea journey.
  • Build community around tea.
  • Commit to integrity and transparency about how our products are developed and how they aid in health and wellness. 
  • Train and hire neurodivergent individuals to help combat the disparities in employment.
  • Support Indigenous, Black, Queer, and Neurodivergent farmers.
  • Create and collaborate on tea blends that give back to local nonprofits and mutual aid groups we support.